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If we expect kickers to make their field goal attempts 84 percent of the time, based on independent Bernoulli trials, there is an 8.4percent chance we would see a week where kickers would make exactly 57 of 71 attempts, as we saw in Week 4. There is a 59.4percent chance they would miss that many […]

“We had maximum open air opportunities in mind

Even though there will be many changes between now and April 29th, Todd Lokken, President of Strategic Fantasy Football has taken a look at the top ten picks in this year’s draft. “Many players coming out of school still have a chance to improve their position through individual workouts, while. With the price of even […]

Tebowites rejoiced last week when their “Messiah”

We all know there are many dangerous foods for dogs roaming around. A lot of them even tend to be within our own household. It’s easily researched online, but people still tend to overlook the basics that should be avoided. Addition to plans for the 2020 football season, the Big Ten competition start dates for […]

But like said before, it’s out of my control,

So in a sense, Musburger isn’t wrong. “The Violent World of Sam Huff” was groundbreaking in that it gave television audiences a highly detailed look at the life of a football player. But in 1960, we were decades away from connecting football with life ruining head injuries, the letters c, t and e yet to […]

Oluo deftly combines history and sociological study

“I think it’ll be better,” Minnesota Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer said Tuesday morning at the coaches’ breakfast with media members. “I think there will still be some, ‘Is it or isn’t it?’ I think it clarifies quite a bit of it. From the clips they showed us, I think it’ll be more clear.”. wholesale jerseys […]

The way the team likes to move the ball is on the

“The goal is leveling the playing field,” said Arizona Rep. David Livingston, a Republican who is sponsoring legislation to treat car sharing firms like rental car companies. “You want all these companies operating with the same type of rules and regulations so they can compete and the best one wins, whoever that is.”. cheap nfl […]

He cut down on his interceptions as a second year pro

The Head Health Challenge is part of the four year, $60 million Head Health Initiative, which is sponsored by the National Football League, General Electric and Under Armour. It is focused on improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of concussions and traumatic brain injury. Seven winning research teams were selected from among more than 450 […]

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The aggressive actions of some protest groups, including weeks of fires and vandalism in Portland and elsewhere, have led to a pushback. Restaurants this week who refused to raise their fist in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, though the confrontations were nonviolent. But conflicts occasionally have become physical, including a driver beaten unconscious […]