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“It’s always complicated,” Vikings quarterbacks coach Kevin Stefanski said. “There’s always things in every game where you say, ‘He can do better.’ And there’s always plays where you say, ‘That’s uncoachable.’ He does some special things, because he has some God given talent. The answer is always in the middle when it comes to quarterback […]

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It is normal that people place bets on their favorite teams in their favorite ball games. For sure, you want to win the bet alongside with your favorite team winning the game. But the chances of winning in sports betting are always 50%. “We’ve had plenty of talks some public, some not,” Winston said. “I […]

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Metropolitan Division All Stars head coach Wayne Gretzky looks on as Alex Ovechkin (8) gives water to teammate Carolina Hurricanes’ Justin Faulk (27) during the 2017 NHL All Star game the Pacific Division All Stars at the Staples Center on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017 in Los Angeles. Metropolitan Division All Stars wins the All Star […]

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“It’ll be different,” Eagles kicker Alex Henery said Friday at his team’s training camp in Philadelphia. “We’ll see if it improves anything. I don’t know what they really want for it. Whoever is at QB will benefit greatly from the presence of WR Martavis Bryant, who made a huge contribution Sunday and has given the […]

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The top four rounds are where the vast majority of pro starters are found. So beginning with LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, who went first overall to the Bengals, the SEC provided the mother lode. And by the time this virtual/remote/digital draft make your own choice was over, 63 players had come from its 14 teams […]

Minshew, filling in for Nick Foles as he recovers

“I think it’s important to be there just to be around your teammates and building that camaraderie, but I also understand being in the league for a little while that you get out there playing against the defense, there’s more risk of injury,” Roberts said. “I know for a fact that DeSean’s working at home […]