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“I stand with Kaep,” said James, the most influential athlete of this era. “I kneel with Kaep. I feel what he was talking about, when nobody wanted to listen to him. Wow amazing. If you’re not too busy already maybe work in a late night show too. Seems there’s some demand for an alternate viewpoint. […]

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Al Gore avait donc raison mais il est dsormais trop tard pour faire machine arrire. Notre couche d’ozone s’est dtriore beaucoup plus vite qu’on ne l’aurait imagin et la sentence est irrvocable : la fin du monde aura lieu 4H44, heure de New York. Que l’on soit homme ou femme, noir ou blanc, riche ou […]

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Every thing that happens is not automatically some news story that the world would be interested in. But, if you can find just the right angle, it might be. So, here we go. “They’re proud, tough and full of energy. We’ve distilled the true American essence of Dodge and focused on our can do attitude.” […]

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Improved resource control capabilities via configuration of container granular quality of service policies for compute, network and storage resources deliver guaranteed service level agreements to applications. Simplified operations enabled by a single pane of glass to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters, allowing businesses to focus on deploying modern applications across on premise and hybrid cloud infrastructure. […]

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The Cardinals can cut him. I was aware. So I just tried to put myself in a position where people would want me again. But despite Bradford’s injury history, the Rams did little to develop a secondary option. Even after stockpiling picks in the Griffin trade, the Rams used not a single draft choice to […]

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Now comes the age old saying “Lefty loosey, Righty tighty” I’ve often viewed this as a bad saying because the location of the wrench determines which way is left and which way is right. SO, in saying that, the saying only applies when the wrench is sticking up. When you look at it in that […]